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Let’s Redo The Yard! Why Not, We Got Time!

Pulling weeds makes me happy. So does working outside. 

Recently we re-did a lot of our landscaping and I did the majority of it on my own. That is hard work, great therapy, the enjoyment I receive from pulling weeds is so darn satisfying…

We planted 5 more stone fruit trees- 2 types of peaches, 2 nectarines, 1 more plum, replaced our gopher eaten Meyer lemon tree and added a kumquat.

We moved our raised gardening bed to a sunnier spot out of the shade of our ice-cream bean tree and re-planted and organized our succulents by color and type…

I am quite pleased with the progress! 

Especially now that we are home all the time and have a new puppy, our yard is our sanctuary and these rains have been lovely.

I can’t wait to see how it all grows…

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