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No, they did not eat candy the whole way to Utah… However, they (we) did consume quite a bit but Wyatt and Crosby were aware of the potential for tummy aches and the fact that Nana would be waiting for us at Zion National Park and she is known to have quite a sweet tooth herself…so they knew that even more good stuff would be waiting for us upon our arrival! Nana did not disappoint!

Zion was EPIC! Beyond epic actually. It was humbling, gorgeous, moody, challenging, intense, scary, unforgettable and so deeply appreciated and respected. It is (so far) my favorite National Park…

We waded and carefully stepped and rode bikes up and down the canyon,  had our more than fair share of Halloween candy, birthday cake, used the limited WIFI at the main lodge to see if we could find any election updates and returned to a nation holding its breath on November 4th…we had a few more days to wait with baited breath and now I have been able to unclench my teeth, breathe many deep sighs of relief and re-roll up my sleeves to get to work for the future.

Let the healing begin.

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