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Why I am Proud To Support the Teacher’s Fund

When I decided to go into the real estate field over 16 years ago, I hung my license with a big, corporate brokerage that was hiring brand new agents and that had a robust training program which required me to drive to Los Angeles every day for two weeks. As I spent more time with this company, I came to realize that many of their practices, affiliations and branding was all based in Los Angeles and their understanding of my local community and Santa Barbara based business practices continued to be linked to the greater Los Angeles area.

I kept my head down and learned the basics of the real estate business and once I had enough closed deals under my belt, I interviewed at several other companies to find a better match for my business and clients. When I met with Renee Grubb, the owner of Village Properties, I knew I had found the right “home” to hang my license. Not only was Village Properties locally owned and operated, in addition they felt like a “family” and from their early days (the company is just 20 years old), walked the walk and give back generously to our community.

The Teacher’s Fund is a non-profit organization that I support financially when I close escrows on behalf of my clients. Teacher’s Fund was created to help Santa Barbara County teachers get the tools and materials they need for their classrooms and their students. Teacher’s Fund has granted more than $1.6 million dollars to Santa Barbara County public and private kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School teachers.

Click here to read more about this vitally important organization.

16 years in the business, 13 of them being affiliated with Village Properties and I am proud to support the Teacher’s Fund, to sit on the board of my son’s elementary school, to be the volunteer coordinator for a school of over 400 families and to volunteer in the classroom. I believe in our kids and think that our teachers need more support and am proud to work for a company that makes this such a well supported and important part of their business model. Bravo Village Properties!

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