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Why is Goleta Called The Goodland?

Santa Barbara County is made up of lots of different neighborhoods and cities and one of them, Goleta has earned the nickname, “The Goodland.”

I started thinking about that nickname and all the many reasons that Goleta is so good. Many times I have talked with my clients that already own in Santa Barbara or are hoping to get into our real estate market and we discuss “The Goodland”.  What are the advantages of considering Goleta?

I describe Goleta as follows; “This thriving community is located approximately 6 miles West of Santa Barbara. Once considered a suburb of Santa Barbara, Goleta is now an incorporated city of its own. Goleta was once an area completely covered in agricultural land. Goleta is the home of many businesses as well as an assortment of great schools including UCSB. Many young families and college co-eds coexist and live in the many single family homes, tract developments, condominiums as well as mobile home parks that stretch up to the Gaviota Coast. The 101 freeway is the line separating Goleta North from Goleta South neighborhoods.”

Things I love about this neighborhood: The butterflies, UCSB, Girsh Park, shopping, movies, schools fun hotels and the farmland. Let me know what you think and what you would add to the list!

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