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Painting At Washington Elementary School And January’s Market Update

Here in Santa Barbara, we are blessed to live in an incredibly beautiful community.
One that is filled with generous citizens, gorgeous natural landscapes, a manageable sized population, plenty of resources and lots of sunshine and luckily lately, plenty of rain to fill up Lake Cachuma which at last search was above 57%! Geographically, we have an unusual coastline that faces South, as opposed to West, which is always interesting to see tourists try to wrap their heads around when they see the painted compass on the end of the wharf in the harbor.  One of the many parts that I love about Santa Barbara is how we come together as a community to help, give back and have pride in where we live.

Whether it is gleaning mandarins for the Food Bank, volunteering at soup kitchens, doing picking up trash at the beach, donating financially, planting trees so many local Santa Barbarans do our part to chip in and make our town even more of the paradise that it already is naturally.

This past weekend, my sons and I gathered together with some mom’s at Washington Elementary school and gave the Kindergarten and 1st grade playgrounds some much needed love. I am so pleased so see how just a little bit of paint completely transformed this area that had become run down and drab. I couldn’t wait to hear the reaction of the kids when they got to school after the long holiday weekend!

Next up is adding a bit more color in a few places and painting a new mural on one of the walls and sprucing up the paint on a mural that is already there. Please let me know if anyone has any mural experience as I am more of the paint by numbers type of gal and not as talented in the design department. Also feel free to reach out and tell me about what volunteer opportunities you enjoy doing around town and hopefully me and my team can join you!

To all of the citizens of our community for all that you do for our town. I appreciate you. Our kids appreciate you. Thank you. 💛

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