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What is an EcoBroker and Why Is It Important?

What is an EcoBroker and Why Is It Important?

I pride myself on being a Santa Barbara broker that you can trust. That being said, I bet almost every agent in our town (and there are many!) would say the exact same thing about themselves. So what makes me different?

I am a Santa Barbara real estate Broker specializing in modern and green built properties and have earned the designations to prove it.

In addition to being a real estate Broker (as opposed to the designation of real estate sales person), I am proud to have been honored multiple times as a “Village Properties Top 10 Agent”, a certified EcoBroker, “Green” designation and hold the GRI-Graduate Realtor Institute designation.

I would like to tell you a little bit more about the EcoBroker part of my title and why that is what makes me the most excited about what I have been doing professionally for the past 16 years.

As Santa Barbara’s first EcoBroker, I am part of a nationally accredited part of our industry committed to the environment and my clients. I understand the value of drought-tolerant landscaping choices, energy efficiency, environmental technologies, reduced utility bills, and sustainable designs. Growing up on a ranch near Refugio with its own well, wildflower planted sod roofs, rain collectors, wind generator, solar panels and other green practices, has provided me with real-life education and contributed greatly to my passion for the environment.

While I focus on properties mostly located in the City of Santa Barbara, I also tend to attract and go after the unique properties that are located on the Gaviota Coast, in the Painted Cave community, the Trout Club as well as Rosario Park and West Camino Cielo. I enjoy the eclectic ranches, floor plans and especially the people who tend to live in these outlying areas. These “mountain” folks always have great stories to tell!

Although I am a beach gal first and foremost, I am also a mountain mama and chose to attend college at the University of Colorado at Boulder. This was the best choice I ever made as I came back to Santa Barbara 9 years later with 2 degrees (History and Italian) and a boyfriend that turned into my husband and father of our two very busy sons; Wyatt, 8 and Crosby, 5 who make us laugh and keep us on our toes! My two “assistants”, have both seen their fair share of properties and are also seasoned negotiators!

Life is very blessed and good friends, appreciative clients, soccer and t-ball games, escrows, school pick-ups, home inspections, play-dates, open-houses, morning runs, emails, sitting on the school board of Washington Elementary School, surfing, trying to stay awake to read books, co-chairing events for the Community Environmental Council and lots and lots of laughter mixed in with an occasional nap!

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