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Hey Google, Call Elizabeth Wagner

“Hey Google” or “Hey Alexa” – do you hear these questions often around your home?
While I love a good little helper, and Google or Alexa sure know a lot, I wouldn’t trust them for your real estate needs.
So what’s a person to do if they have questions about the real estate market? Ask me, of course!
Real Estate Questions That I Would Love To Answer For You
Do you have questions about real estate values in Santa Barbara?

Are you currently a renter and have started to think about getting into the market of owning?

Is the first house that you bought getting to be a bit small for the growing needs of your family?

Are your kids getting to the age that you are thinking about elementary school district?

Do you know what the latest interest rates are?

Are you curious about how to build equity?

Would you prefer to live in Santa Barbara? Goleta? Carpinteria or perhaps up in the Trout Club?

Are there any tax incentives (breaks) that you should consider when you own a home?

Have you heard of Noleta? What about the Upper Weast?

Is your house too big for you now that the kids have moved away?

Do you already own but are thinking about making a few changes to your home?

Is putting in a pool worth the expense? Should I put in real grass or turf?

Bonus question:  

Do you know anyone outside of Santa Barbara that needs their real estate questions answered?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, give me a call or send me an email and let’s connect.

I promise I won’t be pushy, I am here as a resource to help you.

So let’s chat and see what happens! (805) 895-1467 or

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