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“These Are The Days Of Our Lives” Aka The Sale Of 3005 Paseo Tranquillo

I sold this fantastic ๐Ÿ  5 times… yes I am being serious!
However, it just closed escrow last week!
๐Ÿ  Prime San Roque ๐Ÿ ย 2 ๐Ÿ› 1 ๐Ÿ›
Permitted (detached) 1 ๐Ÿ› 1 ๐Ÿ› studio



As a seasoned agent in the Santa Barbara real estate market for almost 16 years now, I can tell when I have a listing that is going to be well received in the marketplace. When other agents comment, “Oh, this one is going to sell fast…” you find yourself saying inside your head, “Yes, I know it will!” Of course, there is also the opposite type of listings of which we have also experienced…but we won’t discuss those right now…

This house in the heart of San Roque is my favorite kind of listing to have. Updated, clean, light and bright, well priced and ready to appeal to and sell to a wide array of buyers. This proved to be the exact case and in fact I sold this one 5ย times. Yes that’s right, FIVEย times.

The first buyer, unfortunately, could not qualify for financing and they canceled within 24 hours of acceptance, which we appreciated greatly so that they didn’t tie us up and let the escrow linger on…

The 2nd accepted buyer refused to give escrow their deposit money until they received a guarantee from the local school about acceptance of their child in more than a year’s time…not going to happen…ever by the school or even part of the purchase of a house). We ended up canceling on them due to a failure to perform in accordance with the contract (not to mention unrealistic expectations).

The 3rd accepted buyer that was in back up position #1 had to wait so long for the 2nd accepted buyer to sign cancelation instructions (not cool Buyer #2, not cool at all!) that they ended up writing an offer on another property the night before we were officially canceled!
I marked the listing as BOM which in Realtor lingo stands for Back On Market and explained in shorter detail the circumstances that I outlined above and assured the myriad of agents that called to ask that it was, in fact, available again and truthfully not because of any fault of the property. Keep in mind that we never received deposits or had any inspections conducted with any of these first 3ย buyers.

Within 24 hours of going back active again, we had 3 offers and a whole new batch of eager buyers to make 3005 Paseo Tranquillo their new home. Now that is what I call a saleable house!ย  I will take listings like this one all day long!

We ended up having more buyers interested and accepted an offer from a well-meaning group that stayed in escrow long sought to conduct all of the usual inspections. What they discovered about the house was more or less what we already knew- details about the soils in San Roque, foundation anchoring questions, roof life expectancy etc. Without even asking for any Seller credits or to re-negotiate the purchase price, they decided to cancel.

We circled back to a wonderful couple that had been interested since day 1 yet who had been discouraged by all of the offers and activity surrounding the house and had decided not to write an offer during the first round. We were excited to learn that they were still interested and stepped up to the plate and wrote a great offer on the house. These buyers did all of their inspections, had professional estimates to rely on, communicated well, asked questions and stuck with it. Finally, real buyers!


Fast forward to October 16th, 2019 aka known in Realtor lingo as COE or Close of Escrow. The day when I get to make my favorite call in the world to my client to tell them that we are officially recorded and the property is sold. Champagne or some other gift of appreciation is delivered, I promise to stay in touch, although not 15 times per day as is usually the case over the proceeding weeks and thank them for choosing me to represent them!ย  I love closing day!

I also love first time buyers. They are my favorite group of clients to represent. They are so excited for their first house and eager to put down roots and make the property a home. When my sellers purchased this adorable property back in 2013, it was their first house too and it was a GREAT buy for them. I was honored that they again chose me to assist them with purchasing their next property that fit the needs of their growing family better and asked me to list this one. I know that the new first time buyers will be very happy here for years to come. Sometimes it takes a while to find the “right” buyer, but this time we did and lucky # 5 was the grand prize winner of 3005 Paseo Tranquillo!

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