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Guess Who DOESN’T Have A Listing In The Trout Club?

Guess who DOESN’T have a listing up in the San Marcos Trout Club?

Me, that’s who and I am very happy about to share this news!

There are some listings that Realtors refer to as “career” listings. Whether that means that they take a whole “career” to sell, or that certain properties come back to us multiple times throughout our careers, the truth is that some properties just tend to take longer to sell than others or turn over for sale more than others.

Good old San Marcos Trout Club #9 has been one of these “career” listings for me.

Well… the time has come to sing:

“Sha-na, na, na, sha-na, na, na
Hey, hey-ey, goodbye to good ol #9!”

I first sold this property and represented the buyers back in April of 2006.

Fast forward 10 years and my buyers from 2006 had decided to move on and asked me to list the property for them. I then sold it in July of 2016.

Then just two years later in October of 2018, the agent for the buyers from 2016 reached out to me and asked me to represent the buyers since I know the Trout Club community so well and I listed the property again.

This past week, (September 17th to be exact), escrow closed and I can say with quite a bit of certainty that this will be the last time I represent this property.

The new buyers have big plans for good ol #9 and I think they will be very happy there and live there for a long time!


Please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the San Marcos Trout Club and have represented about 10 properties in this community made up of only 36 homes.

I am in talks with another homeowner in the community about their plans to sell soon so I have no doubt that I will be back up on the mountain in the not too distant future.

But for now, I am very happy to NOT have a listing in the Trout Club and wish the wonderful new buyers of #9 the best of luck.

I cannot wait to see what they do to this awesome cabin!

In case you missed all of my marketing…which would be very hard to believe, here is a description of cabin #9:

The cabin was built in the 1950’s and is spacious with a large living room, loft space, sizeable kitchen, dining room and all with access to the wrap-around porch outside.

There are currently 3 bedrooms and options to turn the laundry area into another bedroom plus 2 full bathrooms.

The views from #9 are absolutely stunning with a backyard that is flat and usable, which is unusual for this mountainous area. There is a large patio slab located apart from the house that has been used for the BBQ and outdoor dining.

There is ample storage below the house as well as parking for multiple vehicles in the driveway.

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The communal mailboxes and map. If this doesn’t represent “community”
then I just don’t know what does!
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