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March 2022


1st poppy of the season!
Throw back to my little boys!
Crosby the baseball player.
Mom pretending to be and was sore for a week after the batting cages.
Elementary school back on campus movie night that I helped to organize where 400 attended and brought back a sense of community to our school!
The Santa Barbara Scoop! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Did you remember to wear your green? I hope that even when my boys are grown and out of the house, I always remember! They are already so big and no longer waiting expectedly to trap the leprechaun…

Spring has sprung in our community and the poppies are out in full bloom, fruit trees are starting to bud and the wild mustard along the Gaviota coast agains the juxtaposition of the Pacific ocean reminds me of the flag of Ukraine. It is not lost on me how blessed and safe we are here in Santa Barbara.

Real estate wise, we are seeing some increased inventory coming on to the market. I am working with several sellers to get their properties ready to put on the market and know that many of my colleagues are in the process of prepping homes for sale as well. Hang in there buyers, more inventory is on the way!

I have several properties in long escrows (which to me means more than 30 days) that should be wrapping up soon and I can share the sold prices with you next month. I recently participated in the sale of a property in Oak View, Ca and we received 14 offers and it ended up selling for $75,000 over list price and needs to be fixed up a lot.

For those of you thinking about moving out of Santa Barbara, please reach out to me to tap into my extensive referral network. I just found clients the “Elizabeth” of San Mateo and placed another client with a Realtor in Portland and in Steamboat Springs, CO,

For those of you reading this in climates where the flowers aren’t blooming yet, come on out to visit and see why we pay the “big bucks” to live here and spend almost the whole year outside and use our backyards as another room in our houses.

Thank you as always for your support and referrals. I truly appreciate you.

Also, if you are looking for a way to give back please consider sending solar lights and chargers to Ukraine.