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Happy Halloween 2021


Happy almost Halloween!

If you read my newsletter last month, you will recall how I had a Halloween rule that my kids weren’t allowed to get out all the decorations until the month of October…well they didn’t listen. I was out gardening, and Nate was watching football and he thought I had told them that they could get out all the Halloween bins…when I came in from the yard the whole house had exploded with witches, pumpkins, and candy corns…it was only September 26th…but oh well! Let the spooky noises, skeletons, neighborhood booing begin!

I was honored to be selected as the Santa Barbara Independent’s Best Realtor in their annual contest. Village Properties, my brokerage was once again selected as Best Real Estate Brokerage and my colleague and friend David Kim was voted as runner up. These accolades showcase the high standing of our company in our community, the professionalism of our agents and dedication to the real estate industry. Thank you for putting your trust in me to represent you and for voting me as the “Best Of 2021”.

I am proud to share that I recently helped a wonderful set of buyers purchase an ocean front condo that has unobstructed views over Leadbetter Beach and the whole Santa Barbara harbor. There were multiple offers and while our final sales price was well over the list price, there were 4 others right behind us and close in price. Congratulations to my buyers for doing what it takes to get their dream property and forever views of my favorite town!

My conservatorship sale closes next week and received 9 offers, all very strong and professionally written and presented. The caliber of Realtors in Santa Barbara is astounding, especially after having experienced the process in other states and markets. Keep up the good work fellow agents, as a listing agent inundated with multiple offers, having a cover letter, local lender approval lined up it is very appreciated.

In some sad news, the ranch where I grew up at 2101 Refugio Road sustained many damages in the latest Alisal Fire. The photo in my montage is the mailboxes at the bottom of the canyon. My Dad was the sentinel on that mountain for 44 years and since his passing this last June, I can’t help but feel that without his guardianship the canyon was a little more vulnerable.

We sold his ranch a few years ago and I have been in touch with the agent who represented the buyer who shared with me that the house made it through the flames however there was extensive damage to the land and surrounding properties. Wyatt’s 5th grade teacher also lives in the canyon and her ranch was badly burned…friends at Orella Ranch went through it all again and were able to save their homes…

When I lived at Refugio, we always kept our cars filled with gas just in case, had pre-cut lumber lined with foil to screw into the window frames to deflect the heat, barricade spray on fire gel ready, a list of what to grab and an understanding that I was ordered by my Dad to evacuate yet he was going to don his scuba gear and sit at the bottom of the pond to wait out the main part of the fire and be present to put out the sparks…I am relieved that my Dad wasn’t physically present to see his beloved canyon burn and also in his weakened health state the past few years to not have him scuba diving…I am sending the Earth, Refugio Canyon and all our friends up there all my thoughts and love.

Thank you for reading some of my personal news, celebrations, and work updates. I truly appreciate each one of you and our work and friendships. Please reach out with any real estate questions and Happy Halloween!

With appreciation and gratitude,