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Get Out And Explore Santa Barbara ­čî╗

As of this past storm, the reports are saying that Lake┬áCachuma, the water source for most of Santa Barbara is at 78% and I for one am holding space for it to spill over this year with a few more storms before the Summer. I read up┬áabout the name┬áCachuma┬áand found the following “the name “Cachuma” comes from a┬áChumash┬ávillage that the Spanish┬áspelled┬á“Aquitsumu”, from the┬áBarbareno┬áChumash word┬áaqitsu’m, meaning “sign”.

My son and I took a visit to Lake┬áCachuma┬áto see if we could notice a difference from when we took a boat tour there last November and we couldn’t believe how much higher the water level is now! Although we were touched with a very warm weekend two weeks ago, this past week and weekend were rainy and the lake level rose┬áeven more and I am holding the space for it to reach 80% this Spring!

The past few months the many shades of green have been mesmerizing in the hills and in the back country. A group of friends did the Davy Brown 9 mile circuit a few weekends ago and we crossed various streams so many times. A school group went to scout out the location of the upcoming family camp-out and we had to wade across the river to get to the camp spots!┬á The wildflowers have been a sight to behold and if you haven’t taken a hike out in the back country, the time to go explore is right now!┬á I love to explore our community.

Also, below I wanted to share with you the Market Report for Santa Barbara County through February 2019, enjoy!

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