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Featured Business Of The Month: Unite To Light

My good friend Megan Birney is the President of Unite to Light and I am so impressed with their work that I wanted to highlight them and make sure that you all know about them too.

One day we were talking and I asked her what was next in her career path. She replied; “I hope one day not to have a job.” I smiled and said that yes retirement would be nice. She looked at me and said; “No, what I mean is that one day I hope that everyone in the world has lights and there will be no more need for my job.”

I was silent. Thinking deeply about her response.

Over one billion people live without access to electricity.
That is one out of every seven humans who depend on
kerosene or candles when the sun goes down. 

Unite to Light believes that access to clean and affordable light and energy are critical to improving health, education and prosperity globally. They have designed, and produce and distribute a high-quality, low-cost, solar powered light. They also have a top of the line solar charger and battery bank. Through distribution partners, they put lights into the hands of children learning to read, midwives and health clinics, and victims of natural disasters. Distribution is through established and highly respected partners across the globe to keep costs down and impact up. They also offer their products at a significant discount to other nonprofit and charity groups such as religious organization, schools or orphanages to improve the quality of life for the people they serve. To support the cause, you can buy a light for a bedside reading lamp, camping light, or for your emergency preparedness kit and Unite to Light will donate a light to someone in need.

Meet Megan Birney, a force to know in Santa Barbara and beyond!
I met Megan, the President of Unite to Light when she was working at the Community Environmental Council on their staff and specialized in all things solar, among many other environmental initiatives. I was on their board and learned so much from this organization.

Megan later became a real estate client and close friend of mine and we are in the same book club and occasionally I get up early enough to work out with her!  When we installed solar on our home, she was the person I called to help me understand the nuances of the contract and the different options. To say that Megan is a wealth of knowledge is an understatement.

I am proud to support Unite to Light and so is my company, Village Properties and we encourage you to consider joining us at the upcoming annual fundraiser or to make a donation.

Village Properties stands proudly with nonprofit charity Unite To Light, working to light the way out of poverty and darkness for the less privileged. Village Properties owner Renee Grubb contributed to The Goddard Company’s latest blog by saying:
             “We hope that children never have to face emergencies, but we would be  unwise if we did not  prepare them for such an event. Village Properties is committed to our community and especially to our children. We are honored to sponsor Unite to Light.” 

As a Unite to Light direct sponsor, Village Properties provided 1,100 local children with Emergency Preparedness Training and solar powered lights. See more on the article here.

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