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Back To Los Angeles…

Everyone talks about who the best agent is. How do we know? We lived it! We have reflected a lot on just how good a job Elizabeth Wagner did for us.

We had worked with Elizabeth when we bought our home in Santa Barbara in 2010 and had a great experience working with her, so when it was time for us to move back to Los Angeles in 2018, it was a given that we would engage her again.

Little did we know that the sale of our home would be such an adventure. Between multiple offers, the potential (and ultimate) buyer’s reluctance to provide the financial documentation we requested while providing a tome of contingency items, and the cancellation of escrow only to be reinstated 72 hours later, Elizabeth deftly handled all the bumps and potholes in the road with aplomb. Her diplomatic yet firm management of the details kept a crazy situation from spiraling completely out of control.

We were unconventionally ecstatic when the escrow blew up.  We didn’t have to sell, and the tension that had been building up throughout the period was suddenly gone.  We briefly considered taking a step back and waiting until the following spring to put the house back on the market, but unbeknownst to us, within hours of the escrow being pulled Elizabeth had raced ahead, waiting for nothing and immediately contacting everyone who had expressed an interest in our property. Before we could digest what that potentially meant and how we felt about it, we had several offers from both previous and new bidders, and the original buyers ultimately wanted back in. Thanks to Elizabeth’s quick and relentless pursuit, we were able to gain control over the process, hold a stronger hand in negotiations, and ultimately sell the home at a higher number than we had expected to the previous week.

We are living in Los Angeles today because of how she handled those complicated three days and immediately resolved the sale of our home.

The “best” have the best instincts and ability to execute. That’s Elizabeth!

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