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Designation: Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)

The next designation course that I enrolled in was the Senior Real Estate Specialist. Of the 4 courses that I have taken this  year, this one has been the most informative for the majority of my clientele. This specialized set of skills is incredibly important to understand the different programs, opportunities, and knowledgeably answer questions that my senior clients- or their adult children are asking about their future plans and options. I am asked often about tax laws (which is always best addressed with a CPA), about proposition 55, which senior living facilities are in our town and about the pros and cons of reverse mortgages. These topics among many others were covered in depth in this class. I encourage you to reach out to me to start the discussion. At times the waiting lists for retirement homes can be 3-5 years long. Downsizing and moving can be very stressful and I have a great team gathered to assist with these major life decisions. I am here as a resource when you need me.