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VA Buyers in Ventura

“My wife Jennifer and I have had the great pleasure to work with you.​ We have worked with many realtors all over the United States and we have never had such a wonderful experience. Your knowledge of the market and current trends was remarkable. ​You made every effort to find a home that complimented our taste and desire for the perfect home.​ Your efforts didn’t stop with finding the property. You educated ​yourself in every possible government and local financial program that we were eligible to receive. ​You​ walked us through each step of the buying process as if we were ​your​ only clients. ​You made ​yourself available to us 24/7. Even after the purchase was complete ​you​ notified us of the changes in the tax code that saved us $8,000.

I, as a retired Naval Aviator would have been proud to work with such fine officer material. We are completely impressed with ​your ​knowledge of ​your​ field as well as ​your​ amazing ability to put ​your​ clients first. ​You​ went above and beyond the call of duty. ​You ​were​ ​an ​invaluable an asset to us. ​We commended for ​your​ outstanding performance.”

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