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The Biggest Purchase Of Our Lives!

When we decided we wanted to buy our first home in Santa Barbara we knew it
would be the biggest purchase of our life and we really wanted someone to
walk us through the process that was honest, trustworthy, detailed, and
would always have our best interest in mind – not just their commission.
Thank you so much for not only meeting our expectations but far exceeding

It really meant a lot to us that you were not only with us every step
of the way, but also explained what each step meant so that we weren’t left
in the dark about why things were being done as they were and what our
options were. All of the details, paperwork, etc. could have been very
overwhelming but we felt that you had it all under control and we could
focus on our jobs, moving, and the excitement of actually owning a home in
Santa Barbara.
Thanks again for teaching us about real estate, negotiating with our best
interest in mind, and always having our backs!

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