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After The Sale Closes…

I recently purchased my first home. I knew I had selected a good broker when Elizabeth Wagner was recommended to me by three different people none of whom knew each other. Throughout the process, Elizabeth was very attentive. She listened to my interests and only showed me property that I was actually interested in pursuing. I felt that Elizabeth was on my side and not trying to pressure me into a purchase merely for the commission. She showed a tremendous knowledge of the local market. She helped me navigate the many pitfalls of buying a home from finding the house that best fit my style and budget, through the closing process to securing the loan.

Perhaps the most revealing of Elizabeth’s commitment came AFTER we closed. I had some plumbing issues right away that did not appear on the home inspection. Elizabeth worked daily with both the seller and the plumber who performed the inspection to make sure everything was settled to my satisfaction. All this effort despite the fact that we had already closed was above and beyond my expectations. I’m confident very few agents can claim this level of commitment to their clients.


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