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san marcos trout club

The Hills Are Alive…with the Sound of the Trout Club

Imagine not needing a key to your front door.

Experience the stroll around the neighborhood that is made up of only 36 properties and share, talk, break bread and get to know your neighbors.

Wake up and go for a hike then cool off after with a dip into the private creek.

Sit on the porch and look out to the Channel Islands from your porch at sunset and a bit later enjoy the vast night swy away from all the lights.

Life on the mountain has a relaxed pace yet you are still minutes away from town.

Come experience the San Marcos Trout Club for yourself.

The cabin was built in the 195o’s and is spacious with a large living room, loft space, sizeable kitchen, dining room and all with access to the wrap around porch outside.

There are currently 3 bedrooms and options to turn the laundry area into another bedroom plus 2 full bathrooms.

The views from #9 are absolutely stunning with a backyard that is flat and usable, which is unusual for this mountainous area. There is a large patio slab located apart from the house that has been used for the BBQ and outdoor dining.

There is ample storage below the house as well as parking for multiple vehicles in the driveway.

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