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Summer In Santa Barbara

“Virtual School” is scheduled to start again on August 18th, so the COVID Summer of 2020 is winding its way to a close. We have logged many miles on bikes, days at the beach, hikes in creek beds, Jr. Life Guards socially distanced beach camp and even taken a few naps.

This will be a year to remember for many reasons and I suspect that we will refer to the “before” and “after” times of this pandemic. Some of the silver linings have been how close my sons have become. Even when we have had our two “COVID Pod” friends come over at separate times, Wyatt and Crosby include one another in the playdate. I hope this continues forever!

As time marches on through this mostly foggy Mesa Summer, I hope that you all are well and look forward to backyard BBQ’s, group gatherings and real school all being safe to begin again in the “after”.

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