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No More Zoning Inspection Reports!

Zoning Information Reports
As You Know Them Are Gone!

We did it!  Zoning Information Reports (ZIR’s) have changed to be strictly a disclosure item. There will be no city inspections, nor any opinion made by staff regarding ZIR’s. As a disclosure item, the seller will need to provide a copy (or electronic version/link to street file) of the street file to the buyer before the completion of sale. There will be no fee for this service. Effective immediately ZIR’s will no longer be performed. If your clients have ordered a ZIR, but it has not been processed, a refund can be requested.

The Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS® developed this solution to address the negative impacts of ZIR’s after spending the last ten years disputing the flawed reports. These changes are bringing the ZIR program into the 21st century and making it a disclosure, just like many other aspects of a real estate transaction.  By working with the City, we have now saved the taxpayers $200,000 in election costs by creating a reasonable solution without having to go to the ballot.

The Santa Barbara REALTORS® Protecting Homeowners Campaign gathered over 11,000 signatures in 2019 to place the Homeowners Fairness Initiative on the City of Santa Barbara’s ballot. This effort applied enough pressure on the City Council to have them shift their perception of ZIR’s and realize they are a burden for the homeowners of Santa Barbara.

Link to Street File:

The Association wants to thank the members, homeowners and City Council for supporting the solution to ZIR’s and the greater impact it will have on the City of Santa Barbara.

I have had many conversations with many of my clients about this very topic. If you have questions about this email and about the history of zoning inspection reports in the City of Santa Barbara, please give me a call at
805-895-1467 or send me an email. 

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