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May 2022


Living it up at the fair at Earl Warren!
Attending the Community Environmental Council’s annual event.
Gorgeous flowers in the desert.
Sunrise in Joshua Tree.
Hiking with friends for Mother’s Day.
The swings at the fair, my favorite!
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 Santa Barbara
“Summertime” Scoop

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Hello Friends and Clients,

In case anyone else isn’t counting…there are exactly 9.5 more days of school left in 3rd grade for Crosby and for Wyatt in 5th. That will mean exactly 76 days of Summer for my youngest and 88 days for my oldest, since he is switching schools next Fall! Wow.

This year FLEW by at a pace almost as speedy as the Santa Barbara real estate market. This year was full of walks with friends to Blenders, multiple offers, baseball, over list price sales, lacrosse, no inspections, theater classes, all cash buyers, eye rolling from my kids and buyers, maing many new friends and relying on the networking and relationships that I have built with my colleagues in real estate over the past 18 years.

It has been a whirlwind of activity at home and at work. I am honored to be Wyatt and Crosby’s Mom and honored that so many clients have referred their friends to me and also reached out to me to represent them for their next sales and purchases.

This Summer will be interesting to see what all unfolds. Will there be an inventory surge once everyone gets out of school and there is some space to prepare homes for the market? Will we have May gray and June gloom? How will the Solstice Parade play out now that it won’t take place on Sate Street and Fiestas…Viva la Cabrillo Boulevard!

I am excited for it all. The changes to our downtown with the parklets, the laid-back routine of kids in the Summer, the trips and adventures that we have planned and the love of what I choose to do for a living. I love helping people with real estate here in my hometown. I was honored to represent multiple locals this Spring and that made my heart so happy to see people that I met when I was 5 years old achieving their dreams in this very special community.

How can I help you achieve your real estate dreams too? Let’s talk. I have all Summer!

With appreciate and gratitude,