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January 2024


Our little family outside our little cabin!
Steamboat Springs Mountain Resort showing off its fireworks on NYE.
Shelby and me at the hike to Prayer Flags on Emerald Mountain.
Team Wagner on the ski slopes.
Good ol Ski Haus!
Getting snuggled by my honey up on Howelsen Hill.
Cutting down our 1st ever tree at Rabbit Ears Pass.
Happy New Year to you all!
I hope that the start of 2024 has been calm and healthy for all of you. We had a little mishap with our holiday cards that we always send out…they have just disappeared in the Minted/FedEx mailing system so here is our holiday card that you all should have received. Actually, there are two versions…anyone notice anything unusual? My family is so funny…so consider yourself digitally wished Happy Holidays from the Wagners.Our family spent our winter break at our log cabin in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We all just love it there and it was a winter wonderland. Nate and I are both able to work remote while we are visiting and true to form of when I travel, I was able to assist several real estate clients with offers back in Santa Barbara with the support of my fabulous team of colleagues.

This year, after retiring for the past decade or so…I decided to try out snowboarding again. Well…I gave it 14 days of trying, logged 55,479 vertical feet, 61 miles, 15 hours, 34 lifts, and 140 trails (as per my IKON tracker), and decided to retire again! Being the only snowboarded in a family of skiers is not for the faint of heart or impatient. The catwalks, getting off the chairlifts, strapping in…getting back up…to sum up my bestie: “Liz, are you really going to want to be snowboarding at 75?” “No, Brenna, actually I don’t want really to be doing this anymore at 45!”. I will try skiing next year and take some lessons since I haven’t tried since I was 14…then make another career retirement decision! The boys are just flying down the hill and improving daily and they spent their last night in Colorado night skiing with their Dad while Shelby and I stoked the wood-burning fireplace and binge-watched the end of the ‘Crown’. All had a great evening! What a special place Steamboat Springs is and we are grateful to enjoy our cabin there spending holidays and cherished time with loved ones and dear friends.

As I type this on the 17-hour drive from one SB to the other SB, I have been getting organized and ready for the year. Updating my pipeline list of clients that I will assist with real estate this year. Touching base with all my favorite vendors and tradespeople that I refer to and rely on throughout my career. Putting the finishing touches on my business plan for the year. Enrolling in continuing education classes. Exploring other opportunities that I am interested in such as getting my coaching certification, enrolling in a creative writing course, and finally taking a class on photography. It feels great to be at the start of a fresh year, charged up and ready to jump into all sorts of experiences.

I read a quote from a friend in his holiday letter and wanted to include it here for you all to reflect on: “With politics, climate, and war so hard to ignore, let us spread kindness and joy in 2024.” I wish you all a year filled with health, happiness, laughter, and new endeavors.

With appreciation,