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Happy Halloween 2020 Style!

Given that my birthday is the day after Halloween, this is always a favorite time of year for me and there are jars of candy corns on our counter along with decorative pumpkins, a plethora of jack-o-lantern elementary school art from over the years, pretend spiders lurk everywhere and we have several new decorative additions this year of a very spooky witch, door knocker, medusa head and glow in the dark blow up front porch ghost… Beware if you come to our house this season…it is getting spookier by the day.

Back in August, when driving past the exit to Zion National Park (which we meant to visit but our RV spark plugs had other ideas…) we decided that Halloween and the actual act of trick or treating this year was going to be a “COVID bust” so while streaming WIFI on the road, I booked reservations to Zion National Park. Our plan is to meet up with my in-laws, hike/wade the narrows, ride our bikes and take the grandparents up on some childcare and do the Angel’s Landing hike (recently re-opened) on our own. We “promised” the boys that they could eat candy the whole drive to Utah instead of trick-or-treating so we will see how that goes!

So we will be escaping to (hiding in?) the canyons of Utah during this very intense time for our country and speaking for myself, I am on the edge of my seat watching the news, trying to understand the politics and humanity of our country, listening to a myriad of podcasts to better educate myself, donating and doing my best to explain this period of history to our sons (and comprehend it for myself…).

My husband and I mailed in our ballots several weeks ago which felt so good and also made us wish that our point of views and ballot counted more in the grand scheme of electoral votes in our state. We researched all of the candidates, did our best to decipher the various propositions and filled in our ballots with more care and attention than in any past elections. We asked our sons to assist us with the final step and place them in the ballot box at San Andres Hardware on the Westside. We have had some great conversations around our house about the power of the people and about voting.

Happy Halloween and Fingers Crossed For Good News,


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