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February 2024


The latest…

10-year “Type A” Book Club anniversary trip to Cuba! Last June we decided that our book club would go on a trip. The parameters were somewhere warm, January, not more than 7 hours away…We all agreed to think about it and re-group in September and present to the group ideas on where we would each like to go. Well…I was the only one who did a presentation (PowerPoint baby…) and so with no other ideas, Cuba it was! I started reading books about its complex history, researching the current political situation, and planning our trip.

Go to Cuba! 🇨🇺. It’s an amazing country filled with hard-working, genuine, and beautiful people. We were able to visit on a visa for “support of the Cuban people.” This “support” can come in many forms, we took historical tours and tried to participate in the local economy as much as possible, although there was very little to buy. Now, more than ever, Cuba needs help as the recent “rearrangement of the economy” will likely push it into further turmoil. While Cuban/American history is long and complicated it’s worth a visit to experience the hospitality and resilience of Cubans, the history of old Havana, and the natural beauty along the coast. Visit Cuba, BYO water filter since bottled water was hard to find (but no one got sick)….

I love to travel and this was a trip that I will never forget. The 8 members of our book club that went had an amazing time and we all would return. Reach out when you go as we have the best tour guides, drivers, and places to stay and itinerary to make your trip easier to plan. Tourism is their main economic option and they need as much help now with inflation as ever! We all felt safe the whole time and would all return! Viva Cuba! 🇨🇺



P.S. My mix of Italian and Spanish surprisingly served me pretty well on this trip and now I’m taking Duolingo classes in Spanish with Crosby!