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Are You Tired Of Dusting Empty Rooms? Is It Time To Think About Elementary Schools?

16 years as a professional Realtor and a lifetime of living here in Santa Barbara has provided me with the chance to see a lot of different properties.

I never tire of the eclectic array of properties that make up our community.
I love all the different feels of the various neighborhoods.

I have to admit that I get a little thrill when I discover a new street that I have never been on before…

I love wandering through houses…this is the perfect job for me!

However, many people I know are living in properties that no longer fit their needs.

Whether the house is now too small, too big, the floor plan doesn’t work, they are driving to Goleta each day for schools and work but still live downtown…

Do any of these situations below strike a chord in your life?

  • Have all of your kids moved away?
  • Are you tired of dusting empty rooms?
  • Do the local birds use your pool more than you do?
  • Has your backyard become more trouble than it’s worth?
  • When’s the last time you looked in that extra bedroom?
  • Can you use your property tax exclusion and move into a single level home that is newer?
  • Have you outgrown your current home and store everything in your garage?
  • How much more square footage could you be using?
  • Would you like to be able to walk to the local coffee shop or grocery store?
  • Is it time to think about elementary schools for your oldest?
  • Have you given up on trying to make your current floor plan work for your needs?
  • Are you ready to “right-size” your home?

How will your next home be different?

What are the current interest rates?

What is the tax exclusion I mentioned earlier all about?

Would someone want to buy your current home?

Are you ready for a change?

Let’s talk. It all starts with a conversation.

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