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Did Someone Say Pool Party? πŸ‘πŸ‘™πŸŽ§πŸŽ‰πŸ”‘πŸ‘

Sometimes when you walk into a house you just know that it is the “one” for your clients. All the pieces just fall into place and the path into the future becomes clear once your home has been found. This was the case when I showed my clients this property on Pueblo Avenue. This is their “forever”Β home and that makes me so happy for them. The place also has a pool, which also makes me so happy
(for me…I mean them) and for all of our friends!

For over a year I had been assisting my buyers with finding a property that they could live in and rent part of toΒ offset the mortgage. Some of the properties that we put offers in had major “hurdles” (shall we say), that would need to be “overcome”. Some were in flood zones with elevated insurance rates, precariously leaning eucalyptus trees, creeks running through them, illegally constructed garages and extra dwelling spaces, uneven foundation in the living room under the carpet (hill repeats in your own home we giggled…) and other “things” that just weren’t meant to be…there was one house on the Westside that we tried really hard for, we call it the “lobster” house but alas that one was very popular and we did not end up with the winning bid.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Once inside the house on Pueblo Avenue, we explored the upstairs, discovered the fireplace and were told by the owner about aΒ secret laundry shoot to the basement. We all appreciated the open beam ceiling and wood floors in the living room. We continued the tour and ventured downstairs where my buyer’s interests were peeked further by the potential for dual living as well as a workspace.

Upon exiting the lower level,Β we wandered out into the backyard and that is where we all really fell in love. The pool. The solar panels to heat the in-ground pool. The fruit trees. The potter’s wheel. Then it got even better. One more level down into the approximately ΒΌ acre lot, there was the β€œpiΓ¨ceΒ de rΓ©sistance”; the outdoor kitchen complete with aΒ pizza oven.

Take a moment and let this sink in….
Amazing house.
Income options.
Outdoor kitchen.

So let’s get back to the clay pizza oven that the owner had built and told us all about. The 6-foot long outdoor bar. The chicken coop. The GIANT staghorn fern. The vibe. The stories the amazing owner who was there told us…everything just felt right. I left for my next appointment with my clients discussing things in front of the house and knowing that this was the place for them.

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