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The County of Santa Barbara offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, with a diverse landscape that includes coastal, inland, and mountainous areas. Significant topography and climate variation, from the shoreline to the mountains, create incredible biological diversity and abundant natural resources. As a result, the county is one of California’s top destinations for outdoor enthusiasts looking to enjoy trail-related activities. For community members, trail-based recreation is in high demand.

Benefits of Trails

Spending time outdoors is proven to have significant physical and mental health benefits. It can reduce stress levels, boost mood, and enhance cognitive function. Trails provide a way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with the natural world, providing a refreshing and calming experience. Trails lead us on a journey, revealing new sights, sounds, and smells as we explore nature. Our local trails come in all shapes and sizes, from coastal footpaths to rugged mountain trails, catering to varying fitness levels and preferences.

Maintaining and Expanding the County Trail System 

Maintaining and expanding the County’s trail infrastructure requires a collective effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all users. Principles such as respecting wildlife, leaving no trace, and being courteous and respectful to other trail users are essential. Trails are a precious community asset with high value, yet they are free to use. By participating in trail stewardship opportunities, such as volunteering for trail maintenance projects, participating in clean-up events, or donating to trail maintenance organizations, we acknowledge the value we receive from our time on trails and in nature.

Why are Trails Important?

Trails are a vital part of recreation in Santa Barbara County, providing opportunities for physical exercise, social interaction, and fostering a sense of community. They often pass through scenic areas, historic sites, and diverse habitats, allowing us to experience memorable moments in the natural environment while promoting healthy ecosystems.